Wood Finish Coating

Wood Finish Coating

Advantages of Wood Finish


Wood Finish is a two-step process; it starts with a normal powder coating process where a layer of special powder is applied on the aluminum surface. The aluminum surface is chemically pre-treated to create an inert conversion layer. After that the powder coat is applied using an electrostatic gun to create a powder layer with homogenous thickness range from (80-100 Micron). Finally powder film is cured according to the powder supplier instructions, usually 180˚C metal temperature for up to 20 minutes, so that the cross linking process between the powder particles is completely performed.

Next step is sublimation; it is based on the transfer of images to coated substrates from pre-printed film using high temperature and under vacuum. The aluminum profiles are fully wrapped with the film and installed on a trolley equipped with suction heads dedicated to intake the air (suction) existed between the film and aluminum surface so that the film is perfectly adhered to the surface. After that, the trolley is inserted into a special oven, allows the ink from the preprinted film to penetrate into the powder film and create the desired decoration. Finally, the trolley is pulled out of the oven automatically and the film is removed after cooling.

Advantages of wood finish are:

  1. Long life and low maintenance compared to real wood; it exhibits a high resistance to UV rays, abrasion, weather, corrosion and they are fire-rated unlike the real wood.
  2. A friend of the environment as its dry process and does not emit any VOCs. Moreover, it reduces the usage of the real wood and save forests. 
  3. It has unlimited design capabilities.
  4. It is lighter than real wood and much stronger.
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