Standard Powder Coatings

Classes of Standard Coating


  1. Class 1 - Fine Polyester: This is a thermosetting powder coating that is based on a saturated polyester resin that is especially selected to attain good resistance to atmospheric ageing, U.V. Light and saponification. These basic characteristics provide excellent protective and decorative properties for aluminum, steel and galvanized steel and come with a 10-year guarantee [warranty] against …


  1. Class 2 - Super Durable: This is a much higher grade than class 1 for architectural application and provides longer durability and outstanding UV resistance and comes with a 25-year guarantee [warranty].


  1. Class 3 - Ultra Durable: This is the highest grade available of powder coating for architectural applications. Ultra durable coatings are manufactured using fluorpolymer resins that ensure outstanding weather performance and excellent resistance to the damaging effects of UV light. These excellent properties can be attributed to the immense strength of the carbon-fluorine bond matrix, one of the strongest bonds in the world of polymers. The C-F bond energy is much greater than that of the UV rays emitted by sunlight, and therefore can resist degradation while increasing durability at the same time. Ultra durable coatings extend warranty for up to 35 years.

Related Powder Coating


Pre-Treatment All aluminum and steel extrusions are chemically pre-treated be


Application of Powder Coating   Powder is electro-statically sprayed

Oven Curing

Oven Curing Coatings are thermo-cured [oven-baked] as per the manufacturer&rs

Standard Powder Coatings

Classes of Standard Coating   Class 1 - Fine Polyester: This is a

Non-Standard Powder Coatings

Non-Standard Powder Coatings   In addition to the previously stated s

QUALICOAT Specifications for Powder Coatings

All powder coatings comply with the following specifications:   Co
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