Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Polyester Powder Coatings

Polyester Powder Coatings are applied according to the QUALICOAT Standard Specifications. Under these strict specifications, aluminum extrusions are first chemically pre-treated before the coating is applied to ensure the best surface preparation for enhanced coating adhesion and performance as well as long term corrosion resistance of the alloy. After that, powder coatings are applied electro-statically in solid powder form which are then oven cured to form the required finish

These coatings are often polyester based for the best durability for architectural use on internal and external aluminum works. By using different resins, different lifetimes and classes of standard coating and non-standard coatings can be obtained.

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Pre-Treatment All aluminum and steel extrusions are chemically pre-treated be


Application of Powder Coating   Powder is electro-statically sprayed

Oven Curing

Oven Curing Coatings are thermo-cured [oven-baked] as per the manufacturer&rs

Standard Powder Coatings

Classes of Standard Coating   Class 1 - Fine Polyester: This is a

Non-Standard Powder Coatings

Non-Standard Powder Coatings   In addition to the previously stated s

QUALICOAT Specifications for Powder Coatings

All powder coatings comply with the following specifications:   Co
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