Our Value

To build loyal delighted customers through:

1.       Innovative products meet their needs and perform better than their expectations.

2.       Provide solutions to their problems.

3.       Reliable dependable supply.

4.       Superior and consistent quality.

5.       Build a close and trustworthy relationship.

6.       Keep their best interest in mind.

7.       To be always honest with them.

To maximize our stakeholders wealth through:

1.       Continually optimizing our manufacturing processes to increase production capacity and  decrease costs.

2.       Product development; new innovative products

3.       Market development; new markets.

To enhance our employees satisfaction through:

1.       Develop their leadership skills.

2.       Motivate them through proper job design, intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.

3.       Equitable rewards system

4.       Ensure the safety of the workplace

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Our Value

To build loyal delighted customers through: 1.     &

Our Mission

To generate customer loyalty through adopting “innovation strategy”
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